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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The three cartoons which we have enjoyed and which our children continue to enjoy i.e. Tom and Jerry , Scooby doo and Powerpuff girls are the products of Hanna Barbera, the duo whose cartoons revolutionized television animations.

William Hanna was Born in US ON July 14th 1910. The world is celebrating his 100th anniversary this month. He dropped out of college and during the Great Depression, he did odd jobs like preparing title cards for silent films. When his talent was noticed, he joined a reputed organization and headed its pen and ink department. In 1930, he hired the MGM Studio where he met Barbera. They teamed together and made a short film "Puss gets the boot". Thus emerged Tom and Jerry. Then came Scooby doo, Power puff girls and so on. He passed away on March 22, 2001. But his characters live for ever to delight the young and old alike.

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