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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Anna and her student

Anna is a cheerful and simple lady.   She works as a lecturer.  She teaches people from different parts of the country.  She gets students who are good, attentive, sometimes good but not attentive, attentive but not so good, and all categories of students with different expectations and different dispositions.  She gives the same attention to all and does not get carried away by any in particular. 
One day,  she had to meet a new batch of students. Again  there were different students, different backgrounds and all.  Among all the students,  she found one student who was very responsive, responsible helpful and cheerful.  She felt that whenever she looked or talked to the student,  she felt as if she was talking to her child.  She had this feeling right from the beginning and till the student fininshed the course.  On the last day,  when all the students left, this student came to her and said “you resemble my mother, I felt this right from the very first day".

Ah!  How great she felt!  A woman gets the maximum joy when she is called mother  by someone who is not her child.  She was moved.  Now she understood the reason for her feeling for the student.  It was reciprocal ! (Sometimes feelings speak stronger than words).

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