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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

housing - different options

Some housing options we can think of.

a unique tree house

Amazing rock house

Boat house

glass house

Water house

Monday, April 5, 2010

Summer Camps with a difference

Summer camps for children concentrate on overall development of children or enable the children to have fun. When the society has children with disabilities, there should be a opportunity for them also to reap the benefit of summer camps. Many mothers who blog have children suffering from some kind of disability. This information will be especially useful to them.

Camp Victory, Columbia County, Pennsylvania
Children who are chronically ill or physically disadvantaged need help and encouragement to cope with their lifelong challenges. Recognizing the sense of isolation and frustration these challenges can bring to the children and their families, Camp Victory was designed and built to handle their special needs.. Both weekend and weeklong sessions are available. For more information, call 570/458-6530, send an e-mail to, or visit the Web site at

Camp C.A.M.P. (Children’s Association for Maximum Potential)
San Antonio, Texas) enables children with disabilities to thrive in a recreational environment where safety and nurturing are primary. Camp C.A.M.P is a series of five-day summer camp sessions for children with special needs who may not be eligible to attend other camps due to the severity of their disability or medical condition. We also include activities for campers' siblings without disabilities. Fees can be waived or lowered by cost-sharing programs, sliding fee scales, and camp scholarships for lower-income families. For more information, call 210/292-3566, e-mail or visit the C.A.M.P. Web site at

Confidence is Cool Kids' Camp
Newport, RI
Confidence is Cool Kids' Camp is hosted by SHAKE-A-LEG. This camp is a recreational day camp provided to children, ages 7-12 disabled by neurological dysfunction, and is designed to fill a void in summer programming available for children with physical disabilities. Sarah Kirwin at 401/849-8898, email, or visit

Camp No Limits – No Limits Limb Loss Foundation
Rome, Maine
Formerly known as Camp Ability, Camp No Limits was established in 2004 to provide children with limb loss and their families the opportunity to network with other children and their families, as well as experienced physical and occupational therapists, prosthetists, and patient advocates. Nature, sporting events, and arts & crafts highlight daily activities. Some sponsorships are available as well. For more information, call Mary Leighton at 207/240-5762, or visit the Camp Ability Foundation Web site at

Information available on the net. Thought it will be useful to many of you bloggers. All the best for your children’s fun and happiness.

summer camps for children

Many parents are on the look out for summer camps to enrol their children this summer. Some information about summer camps in and around Chennai.

Hansel & Gretel Kids Play Centre‎
11, Jagadambal Street (Near Pondy Bazaar), T.Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600017‎ - 044 2815 2549‎

YOCee - Website for Chennai Kids‎
15B, 1st Main Rd, Adyar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600020‎ - 044 4205 4377‎

Jai Summer Camp‎
PORUR, 33, SABARI NAGAR EXTENSION, CHENNAI, Tamil Nadu 600116‎ - 09840358057‎

PapyrusClubs Discovery Camp‎

6th Floor, "ACROPOLIS" 148, Dr. Radhakrishnan Salai,, Mylapore,, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600004‎ - 044 4392 3800‎

Summer camp Kriyative kidz‎

14/25, 7th Ave, Ashok Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600083‎ - 044 65446655‎

Robotics @ Bevytro Education Solutions‎

Silicon World, #3/7, II Main Road, Indira Nagar, Adyar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600020‎ - 044 32213000‎

Summer Camp in Porur‎
35C, 13th Street, Madha Nagar Ext IV, Madhanandapuram, Porur, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600116‎ - 099 41016534‎

Enchanting Elves- Children's Activity Resource Centre, Chennai‎
No.26, Ranganathan Avenue,, Sylvan Lodge Colony, Kilpauk,, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600010‎ - 09444085903‎

AA Summer Camp For Kids Computer Multimedia Courses Training Institute Chennai‎
291, 2nd floor, Poonamalle High Road, Aminjikarai, Chennai, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600029‎ - 044 45530096‎

These are general informations when I browsed the net. For specific information the parents have to contact the respective camps.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

The flying sikh who made the country's flag fly high

Sardar Milkha Singh is the greatest living Sikh Athlete. Born in a family of modest means, joining the army and then discovering the penchant for running and winning is his life in summation. He deservedly got an epithet named "Flying Sikh" from Pakistan General Ayub Khan. The 'Flying Sikh' is the only Indian to have broken an Olympic record. Unfortunately, he was the fourth athlete to reset the mark and thus missed the bronze medal in the 400m event at the Rome Olympics in 1960.

The Flying Sikh - Milkha Singh

For the man who won 77 of the 80 races he ran, Milkha Singh has no medals. It has been some years that 'The Flying Sikh' donated his sporting treasures to the nation. No personal souvenirs line his living room walls, no trophies sit on the mantle. Instead, the walls make do with pictures of the surgeon in America who saved his wife's life and Havildar Bikram Singh, a Kargil martyr.(Incidentally, he had adopted the son of the Kargil martyr) "I have given permission that my medals be transferred from the Jawaharlal Nehru stadium in New Delhi to the sports museum in Patiala," says the 72-year-old Singh.

But Milkha Singh's achievements can do without such testimony.

Recently, there was a proposal to film the life of Milkha Singh. When the concerned authorities approached him for his consent, he readily agreed. When a sum of Rs.1 crore was offered to him, he flatly refused to accept the amount and said, that I would be happy if my film motivated many to become athletes. Milkha was not only great as an athlete, he was also great in proving that he is a real patriot who is not interested in money, but the development of the sport.

Milkha Singh is king!

How 1st April became Fools Day

Hi friends,
Today is the first of April. Generally people call it Fools Day. If we trace the origin of this day, the most popular theory about the origin of April Fool’s Day involves the French calendar reform of the sixteenth century.

The theory goes like this: In 1564 France reformed its calendar, moving the start of the year from the end of March to January 1. Those who failed to keep up with the change, who stubbornly clung to the old calendar system and continued to celebrate the New Year during the week that fell between March 25th and April 1st, had jokes played on them. Pranksters would surreptitiously stick paper fish to their backs. The victims of this prank were thus called Poisson d’Avril, or April Fish—which, to this day, remains the French term for April Fools—and so the tradition was born.
I wish you all the best for not getting fooled this day.

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