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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

hi friend, board exam not easy? take it easy

Dear friend who has written the board exam today,

How did it go?  Hope everything was fine.  No shocks or surprises in the question paper.
There might have been one or two questions which you feel were out of syllabus, or you were absent during that class or you have not paid attention to the particular chapter and hence not prepared.  Never mind,  let bygones be bygones.  We cannot cry over spilled milk.  But we have a world before us.  We have got a lot to do.  Let us get over our disappointment or disillusion and come back to normalcy.

Lets play some good music, have some nice snacks and get set to prepare for the next exam.  The next exam is going to be a cakewalk to us.  We can master the subject in the time available.  We will definitely succeed.  We will come out with flying colours.

Please do not consult  your friends about the answers you are doubtful.  They may be right or they may be wrong.  If you come to know that it is wrong, it may be painful.  Instead try this method.  Think about the answer which you have written confidently and which is correct.  You may feel elated that there are more such correct answers in your answer paper.  This will give you confidence. 

Above all, writing a board exam is not a child’s play.  You have bravely appeared and attempted and succeeded in answering.  Great job done.  Kudos to you. 

So all the best for the remaining examinations.  Do well.  Do not think about the difference it is going to make in your life as you will be imagining something on which you have no control.  Instead, think about the joy of learning and writing the exams.
Do not learn for the board exam to become a doctor, engineer  or IT professional.  Learn for the examination for the joy of it and for getting high scores.  The future will definitely have some good things in store for all of us.

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