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Friday, July 23, 2010

In pursuit of happiness

Once, during my morning strolls, I happened to meet a small kid playing the same game with the same ball every morning, but he appeared to be very happy and thrilled everytime he kicked the ball and ran to pick up the same.

On my way back, I saw the vegetable vendor who always liked to chit chat with his customers about various happenings. Though he sells the same or sometimes some mix and match depending upon the season, he was so engrossed in his job and he was happy.

That day, I gave an old good dress of mine to my servant maid since it was good and intact. She was delighted at the thought of wearing the dress, and said that she is going to reserve it for a family function.

Just then, I saw my neighbour with her son (four year old) trying to convince him to wear a new dress they had just bought for a party in the evening. He was very adamant in not wearing it and started crying and making a fuss driving his parents mad. He wanted it to be replaced immediately with another . He had 100s of dresses in his cupboard, since my neighbours are a pampering lot and buy him whatever he wishes. When I asked him "Are you not happy your parents have done so much to you, you have got so many dresses? . He answered " No Iam not happy! They have not bought me what I wanted!

Hi bloggers, post your inferences and views on the above happenings. Where does happiness lie?

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