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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Some good gestures

When Mahatma Gandhiji was imprisoned in South Africa, he made a beautiful mattress and presented it to the officer in charge of the prison. The officer was very much moved by the gesture as he thought that even when they had imprisoned him, how did he act so magnanimously by presenting him a gift. He safely preserved it in the showcase of his house.

The two persons to climb Mount Everest were Edmond Hillary and Tenzing Sherpa. Tenzing was Hillary's climbing Assistant. He had seen the enthusiasm in Tenzing twice before the actual expedition. Tenzing had accompanied two troupes earlier, one as a helper to carry the bags and another time as a guest climber. Hillary decided to take Tenzing along with him. Tenzing was the first to climb the peak. Edmond photographed Tenzing on the mountain peak, but did not photograph himself.
As a gratitude for the invaluable prize of the photograph and their friendship, Tenzing never revealed that he was the first to climb even when asked umpteen number of times.

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