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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

a healthy drink to quench your thirst

Summer is the month when we crave for some kind of cool beverages.  Imagine yourself walking in the hot sun feeling very thirsty.  The first thing you do if you carry a water bottle with you is to drink it.  If not, you head straight to a shop nearby where you have the various types of aerated drinks lined in colourful bottles in a refrigerator.  You feel that it will quench your thirst.  If you become habitual to this, then you always go for such drinks to quench your thirst.  The best drink to quench your thirst is water.  It cools your system, it prevents dehydration and it has no side effects (so long as it is pure ).  The aerated drinks on the other hand have a lot of side effects.  Instead go for a healthy drink, or what you call, a mock tail.  You can try these two recipes. You will definitely like it.

1.  coconut water lemonade

 Add a dash of lemon to coconut water and a cube of sugar.  Coconut water is a natural isotonic.  It has a lot of benefits.  Lemon has its own merits. Mixing the two gives an exotic taste and is good for health.

2.  Mint, ginger lemonade
Fresh mint with lemon and ginger is very good for health.  Grind the mint and a piece of ginger in a blender and strain it to extract the juice.  Add lemon and sugar.  A very energetic drink which will keep you fresh the whole day with a lingering taste of fresh mint.

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