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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Spread a smile contest

               a chocolate jelly can also bring about a smile in us.

Spread a smile contest.
Just came across this contest by Jet Airways .  After reading the rules I found that the last date is already over.  Although could not participate in the contest, thought of atleast trying to bring about a smile in a friend's face. Hence Iam writing about the contest.

This contest is presented by Jet Airways (India) Limited.

To participate in the contest, the participant has to answer ‘All’ multiple choice questions and send a write-up on the theme ‘Spread a Smile’.

The contestants should send a write-up of not more than 100 words highlighting what have they done to get a smile on another person’s face. It could be anybody like your parents, friends, neighbours, a stranger, aged people, etc.

The winning entry will be decided taking into consideration the best description, correct answers and highest ratings for write-up by the contestants.

This contest is over, but i feel that it is thinking out of the box. hence liked to publish it.

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