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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

hi petdog lovers, see this cute dog

Panda dog
Kind attention dog lovers, there is some interesting news for you.
Named after the quirky detective in the hit TV series 'Columbo', this Maltese-Poodle mix is the talk of the town in Tokyo. His owner, Kensuke Hirakawa, adopted him after Columbo's previous owner abandoned him.

Although Columbo was a bit aggressive and barked non-stop at first, Kensuke saw potential in this little droopy-eyed fur ball and took him in and he soon became tame. Poor Columbo had been through a lot and had the marks to prove it - a stiff back leg, tear-stained eyes and all his canine teeth had been removed (to prevent biting). But being a former beautician and pet shop owner, it didn't take long for Kensuke to hatch a crazy little plan for an Extreme Doggie Makeover!
Using completely safe (non-toxic) black hair color for dogs, Kensuke dyed parts of Columbo's dingy white fur in the striking pattern of the panda that most of Asia is so well known for.
And boy did he stand out! Once a mixed breed mongrel tossed aside because of his looks, Columbo is not only the most talked about and adored dog in the neighborhood (and probably all of Asia as well), he's also now the poster dog and mascot in a campaign to save the abandoned and abused dogs of Tokyo. Kensuke only hopes that this will help teach others how to be responsible and love their pets

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