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Monday, December 6, 2010

Necessity is the mother of invention the saying goes.  It does not require huge science and maths labs or sophisticated facilities to invent something.  People in rural areas and the underpreviliged areas invent so many new things everyday.  It is not given the publicity or the popularity.  These people do not even know what they are capable of.  They invent many things which contribute a lot to their society. Take this case for example.  I read it in a newspaper, and have reproduced the contents as it was worth mentioning.

Ship Of The Desert Drives A Bus

Acarpenter by profession, late Shri. Mewaram Jangid has developed a camel-driven school bus that attempted to solve commuting problems in rural desert areas.In this novel bus,the driver sits on the camel with the reins and two brackets fixed to the animals saddle are connected to the rear of a double-decker unit on four wheels.Discarded aircraft tyres are used as these are broad and reduce pressure on the sand due to increased surface area. There are five such affordable buses transporting 400 students daily

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