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Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Friendship is a nice feeling which cannot be expressed in words. Good friends are great assets to us. They cannot be sacrificed for any material pursuits. They give us warmth, pleasure, advice and what not. Knowing that you have a best friend with whom you can share your joys and worries is a great feeling. There are many occasions when your friend has made you feel very elated, very emotional, and very lively.

There are also occasions when you have some disagreements with your friends. When there is a disagreement, it may also result in not talking with your friend or maintaining silence which is not comfortable to you as well as your friend. You may like to break the silence but your ego may not allow you to do so.

If you find nothing wrong with your friendship and you feel that your friend can be the best person you can have, but for the disagreement, remain silent till your friend realises or if you are at fault, apologise to your friend, but dont expect a kind reaction from your friend immediately. It will take time for your friend to compose himself or herself and think about your apology. Even if you are not in talking terms for sometime, but feel very bad and long to talk to your friend, wish for the same. Never think or talk about a break in your friendship. Never even wish for the same. Friendship is like a small seed which you have planted in your garden . Everyday you provide water and nourishment
and watch it grow . You enjoy everytime it grows an inch and feel very happy to reap its fruits.

Will you ever think of cutting this tree which has grown and has provided so much for you just because the tree has hurt you or its branches have poked you sometimes? Just the same way, even if you have a small disagreement, do not allow it to grow oversize and take your friendship away. Keep in touch with your friend. Do not forget to do what you have been doing all along to your friend. When you are in high spirits due to some good thing happening to you or very low due to something happening to upset you, count on your friend who, eventhough may not be talking to you, may always be thinking of you. Your friendship will be refreshed by such occasions

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  1. a great message that will be evergreen with all friends..


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