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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Preserve the world for us

This short film by a nine year old boy from Kerala has impacted so many.  The film runs for just five minutes. 
This was screened at the just concluded short film festival SCRIPT 2011 ( Social and Corporate Responsibility Promotion International Theatre) in the category for films made by students,  it has won the Halo of Honour Award. 

It has generated discussions on the Perandoor Canal that separates two localities in Kochi.  The narration is that the boy goes to his grandma's place which is next to the canal.  He enquires her why she lives next to a drain, when the grandma remnisces about the beautiful canal that it was once with lotus and fish and boats plying on it.  She narrates how it has become a drain due to wastes from surrounding houses.

At the end, the boy's grandma asks him what gift he wants, he gives a beautiful picture of the Perandoor Canal with a message to preserve the world.

A good thought by the future of India.

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