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Friday, March 12, 2010

kind attention, students writing board exams and their parents

ten golden rules before writing exams

1. prepare well.

2. Do not skip your meals

3. sleep well.

4. Drink plenty of fluids like juice, water etc

5. arrange the things you have to take for the exams like hall ticket a day before and check once before leaving for the exam

6. start to school well ahead of time in a cheerful mood/ do not get tensed

7. Read the question paper and the instructions to answer thoroughly.

8. Write your roll number in the places meant for it.

9. Answer legibly and neatly, leaving adequate space between the answers.

10. After the exam is over, leave the hall and go afresh to prepare for the next exam, Do not discuss the answers and get perturbed about the marks. have faith in yourself and God.

In a dark room without electricity, there were four candles burning. A sudden gush of wind upset the first candle. The name of the candle was peace. It said, Oh the wind is going to blow me off, immediately, the candle was put off by the wind. The second candle was also not sure whether it will survive the wind. Its name was love. It was also blown off. The third candle, seeing the plight of the two candles, felt that the wind will not spare it. Its name was Knowledge. It was also blown off. The fourth candle was sure that it can withstand the wind and survive. The wind blew, but the candle stood the test of time and survived. Its name was faith. A small boy entered the room and felt sad for the three candles. The fourth candle named faith said, Hi friend, don't worry even if all the others are gone, I am still there. If you have me, you will be able to get all the other three back. Thus the boy could regain knowledge, love and peace through faith.


For parents:

1. ensure that the child eats, and sleeps well.

2. give them enough fluids and energy drinks.

3. Always reassure them that they will do well.

4. Do not make comparisons with other children

5. Do not pressurise them by fixing unrealistic targets

6. Know their strengths and limitations and encourage them

7. Do not use harsh words against them for any wrong answers/mistakes

8. Give them the feeling that it is an experience, not the end of life

9. When they do not do well in a particular paper, encourage them to do the others
well. Do not cry over spilled milk and prove detrimental to the other exams.

10. Once the exam is over, allow them to relax. Do not set the next target for them.
have faith in them.

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