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Friday, March 26, 2010

Winners do things differently

This is about a real life happening which I happened to read in a popular magazine. It really touched my heart. Although I do not remember the names of the persons or the exact happenings, I would like to give you the gist of what happened.

The narration is about a mother who lost her son in an accidental shooting. On that fateful morning just a few minutes after her son saw her off, he was shot by a person who was neither an acquaintance of her son nor had anything against him, in fact, he was not even known to him.
But then, all had happened. For the mother whose only solace was her son, it was very painful and a gruelling experience. She could not digest the fact that her son was killed for no reason.
She then tried to collect evidences. Finally the police nabbed the murderer and a life sentence was pronounced against him. For a long time, she could not convince herself. She had been thinking for a while to meet the murderer and ask him why he had killed her son. She contacted the prison authorities and expressed her wish. Finally her wish was granted.
On that day, she waited for the person in the prison. He arrived. He was a young chap may be one or two years older than her son. The moment she saw him, she had a mixed feeling. For quite sometime, they were sitting face to face staring at each other. Then she asked him, how it all happened. He replied with a non-chalant attitude that he just saw her son and shot at him without any impulse or provocation. She could not tolerate it. She burst out. She felt that he did not have any remorse for his act. She showed him the albums of herself and her son and all those things which reminded her of her son. At the end, she asked him, how could he do this to her innocent son, and her. For sometime the prisoner stared at her. She just could not bear it anymore. She held his hand and asked him why? At that moment, two drops of tears rolled and fell on her hand. He spoke about his horrible childhood and background that had drove him to this situation. After hearing him, she felt that the firmness in her hand loosened. She experienced a change in her. Her heart told her that she should forgive him. At that moment she forgave him and entered into a conversation with him. She then decided to do a different thing. She felt that his bad childhood is the cause of all misery. So she decided to videograph his remorseful statement and a message to all, that an impulse can cause such a bad experience and prison term. She was successful in convincing him to do it. It was a welcome move. She organises gatherings and shows this presentation to all so that it will be an eye-opener to all. In this process, she has also forgotten her sorrow and forgiven him.

We have come across many success stories of persons who wanted to become someone. They have achieved something and ultimately they benefited out of it. In my opinion, I consider this mother to be a winner . She not only dared to do what other mothers would not have done, but also has brought about a change in the mind of a cold blooded murderer and made him realize what he has done. She also wanted to protect the society from what had happened to her. She had made the presentation with a view to cleanse the society. In this aspect, she stands out and hence she is a winner. Hats off to her.

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