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Thursday, January 7, 2010


A gift is something which is given to us by somebody and for which we
do not have to pay. There are different types of gifts, starting from gifts
from near and dear ones to those from friends, acquaintances, business
gifts , regular gifts (whether it can be called a gift?) to those from
unexpected persons, freebies and so on.

Are all gifts the same? Are they treated alike? Some gifts like freebies
will be immediately used or discarded. regular gifts like diaries or pens
will be utilized and business gifts will be exchanged or preserved for some

Coming to personal gifts from near and dear ones, they are to be cherished
and kept for a longer time as it increases the bonding betweent the
two people.

How to select a good gift?

A gift to be given should be nice, affordable, and useful to the person
to whom it is given.

A gift for a child may be something which it can use immediately as they
are very eager to open the wrapper and use it. So while selecting a gift
for a child, give it some thing like a toy, or a dress or something to munch
like a chocolate bar or cookies.

Gifts to teens or youth should be trendy which may range from latest gadgets
to games, books, (of course not academic), trendy wallets, bags and the like.
while selecting, keep in mind their tastes and preferences if you know them well.

Gifts to someone close to you may be a card,ring, jewellery to car, flat etc.

Gifts to people older to you must be something which shows your regard to
them like music cds, good books or other things which they may put to use

Sometimes you give gifts to people whom you have not met or whom you have
heard about but have not seen. Make sure that the gift you give will be liked
by the person from what you know about them.


A gift should be acknowledged immediately. Some open the wrapper immediately and
show their happiness on seeing the gift. It is also a custom in some countries that
the gift should be opened immediately. In some places, it will be handed over and
it has to be opened later. Depending upon the customs, the gift should be acknowledged
It can be acknowledged by a phone call to the presenter, by personally telling him/her,
by reciprocating with a similar gift.

One particular acknowledgement is worth mentioning here. I had given a small gift
which is a showpiece with a musical key to the daughter of a most regarded person.
She acknowledged immediately on receiving the same. What was more surprising was
that they had incorporated the music as their mobile ring tone. I was really moved by
the gesture. What a nice way of acknowledging!

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