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Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Giving back what is not yours is as pleasurable as giving
others what is yours.

Yesterday, I had been to a textile shop to buy a dress to be gifted.
I selected the dress, paid the bill and they handed over the gift in
a plastic bag and I proceeded to my house. On the way, I had to
do some other shopping and after finishing that I went home. As
soon as I entered I opened the bag to show the gift to my children.
I found the gift packet, and found another expensive dress along
with that. The dress would have fitted me well, but I had not paid
for it. Immediately, it occurred to me that somebody else would
have paid for the dress, but the package was wrongly handed over
to me. In my urgency, I had not checked the contents. I just
imagined the plight of the salesgirl who had handed it over to me
if she would be asked to pay the price of the dress or to quit.
I wanted to give back the dress but the shop was away from home.
Immediately I tried to call up the shop. Luckily they picked up and
they were actually searching for the dress when I called. The girl
on the other side profusely thanked me and said that she would send
somebody to collect the same. The manager himself came to
collect the dress and he was very much relieved. Actually it was
selected by a customer and they had gone to another floor to
buy some more dresses. He thanked me and left.

Had I retained the dress as a gift which has come to me, as it
was not intentionally taken by me, and no one had even noticed
that it was with me, I would not have felt much happier than to see
the relief on the face of the manager. I thanked God
to have driven me to immediately act and save the situation.

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