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Friday, January 22, 2010

Confidence series With willpower and willingness, you can overcome your shortcomings.

Robert Fawcett was best known for the series of illustrations he did for Sherlock Holmes, written by Conan Doyle's nephew Adrian Conan Doyle and John Dickson Carr. There were a dozen stories that appeared. The first ran in Good Housekeeping, and the other eleven were published in Collier's Magazine in l953. Looking at this series you can understand why Fawcett was considered one of the truly great illustrators.

one interesting incident in his life

"During one of his assignments. in his haste to get started, he overlooked the art director's written instructions that the illustration was to be reproduced in full color. Only after he had completed the entire rendering in black ink and had it in a mat and ready for sending did he discover the directive about color."

With his wife Agnes suggesting color (Fawcett himself was color-blind) RF quickly laid down a series of color washes over the illustration- less than an hour's work. After it was published in the Saturday Evening Post, the NY Society of Illustrators awarded it the gold medal for best color illustration of the year.

A person who had added colour to his paintings inspite of being colour blind (unable to distinguish between colours) himself.

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