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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Be there when you are needed most

During one of the border wars between two countries, some soldiers who marched ahead to fight were shot by the enemy. The General and some other soldiers were on the other side witnessing the scene. One of the soldiers wanted to bring his wounded friend who was among the soldiers shot by the enemy. When he approached the General, he said, "he is very badly wounded and will not survive. By going there, you will not be of any help to him, and you will also be risking your life. But the soldier insisted that he should go and hence the General permitted him. The soldier went to the scene, and also suffered some injuries by the enemy attack, but succeeded in locating and bringing his friend back. When he laid his friend on the floor, he was already dead. The General said, " I told you your going there is not going to help him, now you have injured yourself" The soldier replied, " Sir, it helped, he was alive when I took him, and spoke his last words, "I know you will come!".

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