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Monday, January 4, 2010

A brave heart:

Shyam was a very good student of mine. He was very attentive, absorbing and well behaved.
What was very painful to me about Shyam was that he could not walk without the help of a
walker. Not that Shyam was born like that. Six years back, shyam was one of those
happy-go-lucky guys who was an all rounder in the college. He was the only son to his parents
Once out of college, he decided his career. He got a job of his choice. He was happy and planned.
He had targets fixed for himself for various achievements. Then, one fateful morning, while he was
riding his bike, a car came very fast to his right, without giving a signal turned to its left,
The car not only hit Shyam, but also rolled over his legs. At that one moment, all his dreams were
shattered. Both his legs were crushed. The doctors had to amputate one leg. During all this
trauma, he kept his cool. The Doctors even suspected his survival due to heavy blood loss,
He was brave. He had only one request to the Doctor, to leave his other leg intact. Though
He could not fold it or use it as his knee cap and ankle bones were lost, He was determined
to overcome it. He consoled his mother, said that he can still pursue his goals and achieve
it. What a brave heart. He uses an artificial limb, and a walker but walks tall as he has
got the courage and confidence. I am sure he will definitely pursue his goal.

I am sharing this information just to appeal to all drivers,

when you are rash driving or negligent, you not only put an end to the life of a third person,
you also block their aims, ambitions, future and above all happiness, in case they survive,
If you are good at heart, you will also suffer the guilt of hurting someone.

Think of this before you get behind the wheels.

Thank you shyam, for sharing your information.

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