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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Celebrating with children

Recently I happened to read an article in a magazine. The article is about a neighbour’s X’s thoughtfulness by another neighbour Y. X was going to attend a function at his friend’s place. It was a family function and they had invited all their colleagues to attend it. X brought his two sons to Y’s house and said, Please take care of the children, myself and my wife are going to attend a function. On return, we will take the boys. When Y asked why X is not taking his children, X replied that these days, people organize catering services depending upon the number of persons attending, If the number of persons is more, then the food will not be sufficient to all the invitees to the function. That is the reason I am not taking my sons. Y has been impressed by X’s act, and has written that everyone should follow X’s principle.

Certain points I would like to make on this incident:

1. A function is something which is organized to have a get together, to familiarize people and also to have a day out. I cannot understand what pleasure X and his wife will derive by attending the function without their children who by Y’s version appears to be small boys who cannot be left alone in the house.

2. By passing the responsibility of taking care of their children to Y for a less important reason, X has failed in his duty as a parent.

3. By stating that friends will arrange food for only a limited number of people, he has belittled his friend. If that was the fact, then there is no necessity to arrange for any function and food service. Everyone can have food in their respective homes. Get togethers and functions are arranged for families to get together and spend time together, not for a part of the family only.

4.When you are too selfish to attend the function and have food yourself and leave your children at other’s mercy, you can very well expect them to ditch you in
your old age.

Children are a bundle of joy. Had I been given the occasion and if the food service at the wedding is limited, my husband and I would prefer to make the children have food and we would have managed without. Instead we would have enjoyed having them around .

For those who organize functions, kindly ensure that nobody goes without having
food because people today are busy and have little time for friendly gatherings. If some one has honoured your invitation, ensure that their heart and stomach are full.

In these days of both parents working, such get togethers will come as a relief to the children that they are with their parents and are outing. Do not snatch the pleasure from them unless they prefer otherwise.

Your comments on this are invited. You can share your views with me

1 comment:

  1. The very purpose of a family get together gets defeated if children are left under someone's care to fend for themselves. Additionally one needs to empathize and should learn to respect the time of others and not to treat others as nannies for their children to be taken care of, unless it is a medical emergency or some such situation which needs to be attended to without any loss of time.


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