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Monday, February 8, 2010

On parenting

hi all moms of kids and teens,

Todays blog is for you.

You need to be recognised for all that you are doing for your child.
Sacrificing your morning sleep, preparing tea, breakfast, lunch,
getting them ready for school or college, preparing their dinner,
waiting for them, studying with them, playing with them and doing
projects with them. Has anybody told you to do all these things or
do you require any magazine to tell you that you have to do all these
to be a good mom? No, not at all. It is your inborn nature, your
instinct which guides you. Your love for your children makes you run
around. Sometimes you feel high when your child performs or gets
accolades for the efforts. You feel even better when the child hugs
you and says Mom! i love you. or just when they say its nice to have
you around mom. But it hurts you when they say something you have never
expected. All that you require is the love of your child. You are also
low when they fall ill or they have some health problems.

When God has given us something good, it is our natural tendency to expect
something better. But when we face testing times, we pray to God to restore
whatever he has given us, nothing more.

Many blogger moms i have come across have discussed about the health problems
of their child. They even show great courage and faith in bringing them up
with all the problems. They all have stood the test of times and have
come out of it successfully.

One mom particularly had a son who had cerebral palsy. The child could not
speak. The mom took him to a special school which gave speech therapy to the
children. The mom wanted only one thing, that the child should recognise that
she is his mother. The child used to learn many sounds used to speak to the
mom using the sounds. He was able to recognise the volunteers there and
used to go and talk to them. But, he could not sometimes identify his mom
and used to go to other ladies. It used to be heart-breaking for the mom.
She persevered. The child learnt the word mom. He used to ask the volunteers
"you mom?, you mom?. They said, "No". Then one day he asked his mom, You mom?
She was surprised by the question, she said, "Yes, Iam mom". Twice or thrice
a week the child used to ask the question to the volunteers and the mother.
They used to give the same answer.

One day, when mom and child were alone at bedtime, the mother read out a
bedtime story narrating the love of a mother to the child. She was doubtful
if he understood what she was reading out, nevertheless, she felt that iam
a mother and iam reading a bedtime story to my child to be with him. She
finished reading the story. An awkward silence prevailed. The child had not
slept. He gave her a look which was uncomprehendable. Then suddenly, as if to
break the silence, he asked the same question, "you mom?". She said for the
umpteenth time, "Yes, Iam mom". The child looked at her eyes and said in a deep
voice, "Mom, I love you". The mom looked at him unbelievably and he repeated
it the second time and then the third. A gush of tears rushed from her eyes
and she hugged and kissed the child. She felt as if she is in cloud nine.
She was so glad to know that her son had recognised her at last.

What more will a mother expect from her child?

But my fellow bloggers and browsers can expect more such blogs from
me in the coming weeks.

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