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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A smile, the extra mile

One of the words in English which is a noun and a verb at the same time.
It is said that a smile requires 17 muscles while a frown requires 43 to
50 muscles. Whether it is scientifically proved or not, the intention
behind the saying is that it is easier to smile than to frown. A smile
is different from a grin where your teeth are shown, and a laughter
or giggle which produces a sound. A smile is as sweet and soft as
the cream on the cone.

When you smile, you spread warmth, when you smile, you repose
confidence when you smile, you achieve, when you smile you win the
hearts of others, when you smile, you look beautiful. All these
attributes of smile make it the most precious gift one possesses.

A smile costs nothing, but it gives a lot. A smile has got that extra
mile in it which other reactions may not have. A smile when given
makes the smiling person happy. A smile received makes the receiver
happy. Hence a smile creates a win win situation for both the giver
and receiver.

Here, I would like to share a small incident in the life of a writer
which is very relevant. The writer was going to the bank. It is her
usual practice to go to bank every alternate week. On that day, just
two feet from the bank, she found a young person in battered clothes,
unshaved face and writhing pain written large on his face. He held
his battered hat to her. She could immediately recognise that he was
a beggar. He was asking for alms. She felt so pathetic that at this
young age he has to beg. As she had to leave early, she could not wait
and interact with him which otherwise she would have done. She just
dropped some change into the hat and went ahead to enter the bank. Just
then the beggar called her. She felt embarrassed. What else he is
going to ask? She turned to him, He said, Thank you!. She was surprised.
He continued, Thank you, for the smile. I never get it from anyone!.
Just then she realised that she had smiled at him while offering alms.

A smile had so much value for the beggar as he would not have got it from
anyone. So why not we make a value addition to our lives. Let's smile
and go that extra mile. Some photos to bring smiles on your faces

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