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Friday, December 25, 2009

the happiness of sharing

thank you all bloggers who have visited my site.

hope it is going on interestingly.

Giving is more satisfying than receiving

One day, on my way back home with my son, I just happened to come across a small tora tora which is mobile and some person has made it his profession to entertain small kids by giving them a ride for a small amount. My son was amused at the thought. Since the amount was affordable and i too wanted to enjoy the pleasure of him riding it, I consented. While he was enjoying, I could see a small local boy from a slum, of a lesser age than my son looking at the ride with yearning in his eyes. I immediately thought that he should also share my son's happiness. What surprised me was the fact that my son was also of the same opinion and he just hinted it in his own style. (I was so glad that I am bringing up a real human being rather than a high flyer with no manners or compassion). I paid the man and asked him to give a ride to the boy. By then, my son's turn was over. He got down. What was most surprising was that the man who also is not well off, offered to give a free ride to my son for having helped the poor boy. From this i came to a conclusion that the poor and the needy understand the needs of other needies better than we do. What a great gesture on his part.

I could see the great pleasure in the eyes of the boy when he was offered the ride. That happiness Iam very sure will not get even if I get the highest prize. I was so happy that day and i still relish the sight with musing memories.

Please try to locate such people with small needs and help them. You can see god in their eyes.

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