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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

what a coincidence

Some decades back, there was a boy who went with his father on a picnic. Attracted by a pool nearby, the boy wanted to have a try. As he did not know swimming properly, he could not keep afloat and was drowning. He shouted for help. There were no people nearby. Just then a poor boy who was working in a field nearby heard it . He rushed to the spot and just in time, he saved the other boy. The boy's father thanked him profusely. He enquired about the boy, his family and his ambition. The boy said he wanted to become a doctor and serve people. Since he was poor, he could not afford it and hence he could not pursue his ambition. Just then, the boy's father offered to sponsor for the boy's higher studies. The boy was very thrilled and immediately agreed.

Once Winston churchill fell ill, he had a very bad flu which was deteriorating his health. Just then he sent a word to Alexander Fleming who had discovered pencillin by that time. He administered pencillin on Winston Churchill and he was saved.

Is there any relationship between the two incidents? Yes you are right.

Winston Churchill thanked Fleming and said you have saved my life twice. Yes, Fleming was the boy who saved the life of the boy who was drowning and the drowning boy was none other than
Winston Churchill himself. What a coincidence!

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