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Thursday, December 24, 2009

relief from backache

Are you suffering from painful backache, discomfort and radiating pain in the legs? Has the doctor diagnosed it as disc prolapse?

got some information about it from one of my friends. Thought i can share it with you all.

The factors leading to disc prolapse may be smoking, increased coughing, sitting in a stooped posture, lifting heavy weights, driving etc. There is a gelatinous central portion in the disc called the nucleus puposis and this has got an outer ring of ligaments called the Annulus Fibrosus. The disc functions as a hydraulic cylinder. A tear in the annulus leads to disc dysfunction. It also leads to leakage from the nuclear material which is toxic to the nerves. The result is an inflammation which causes a neural irritation with radiating pain in the legs. This may be accompanied with numbness and loss of reflex.

For this the relief was a surgical procedure which involved the removal of the entire lamina of the spine to approach the disc. The surgical scar was long and the patient had to be restricted to the bed for 2 to 3 months.

Nowadays, a technique called keyhole technique is followed wherein the system utilizes operating microscopes to visualize the nerve structures.

The procedure is called endoscopic discectomy which is minimally invasive less muscle, bone and ligament disruption and allows faster healing. The patients who undergo this procedure can be discharged with minimal soreness and complete relief from leg pain after an overnight admission and observation.

The incision will be of less than 1 cm size further minimizing disruption of normal structures.

Advantages of this system are

1. Avoidance of general anaesthesia
2. smaller incision and scar
3. shorter stay in hospital
4. less post operative pain
5. quicker return to hospital.

Some indicative photographs on the right side

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